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Folly Beach Rentals Are Key Component Of Extended Family Get-Together In South Carolina

folly beach rentalsWhen most people think of “summer vacation,” it’s typically an immediate family affair. That means no more than four or five people hopping in the family car and setting off toward their destination. There are those special occasions, however, when extended families plan a summer stay that has been in the worksfor quite a while.

These are the summer vacations that will yield memories to last a lifetime as generations from the same family tree finally get together. The planning process to pull this off is often quite involved and it requires everything from finding the right vacation rental property that can house most or all of the clan to everyone agreeing on arrival and departure dates.


In South Carolina, where the tourism sector has turned into a billion dollar economic engine for the Palmetto State, destination vacations are all the rage. This is especially true for those looking into Folly Beach rentals, as the “Edge of America” is one of the more scenic sites in the state. Still, the all-important Isle of Palms rentals where you’ll lay your head at night is a prerequisite before any other planning takes place. For those considering a journey to the shoreline of South Carolina, please keep reading to learn more about booking advice for vacation rentals.


Head Count: Let’s say grandmom, grandpop, their two children, their children’s spouses and two kids each are all getting together for the long-overdue summer vacation. That’s 10 people and they can all comfortably stay in Folly Beach rentals granted the search and booking process was started early enough to find such a desirable property. If you’ve got a few fewer than 10 coming to stay, “The Loggerhead” is one of the more desirable Folly Beach rentals that has seven bedrooms. It also boasts flat-screen TVs in every bedroom, six bathrooms and allows pets so you won’t have to find a dog or cat-sitter for your extended stay away from home.


Walking Distance: Isle of Palms rentals that boast 10 bedrooms and sleep up to 22 guests are in high demand among those planning group get-aways. However, local attractions near these rentals are often of equal consideration. On Isle of Palms, for example, guests can take in seven miles of local favorites that include fishing, kayaking, sailing, golf, surfing, photography opportunities and much more. In these barrier island communities, there’s always plenty to discover after just walking out the door of your rental and heading off toward destinations unknown.



Map Quest: No matter if you’re looking for Folly Beach rentals or Isle of Palm rentals, the exact location of the home is going to be of great consideration. Fortunately, local companies like Carolina One Real Estate have a property portfolio that offers oceanfront homes and others well within close proximity to the beach or others that offer views of the coastline. The best real estate companies in the area recognize that not every guest wants to be as close as possible to the surf and sand. That’s why there are plenty of places in Isle of Palms and Folly Beach that are near the action; not in the middle of it.

Charleston SC Real Estate Offers Something For Everyone Looking To Rent Or Relocate

Some people see South Carolina as the perfect place for a week-long excursion to the beach. Others have visited, viewed the state’s natural beauty, convenience, and other one-of-a-kind offerings and wanted to invest in Charleston SC real estate as soon as possible. Who can blame them? With an enviable climate and geography that can take you from the beach to the mountains and back again, South Carolina is also a place where you’ll never be bored. At the end of the day, however, Charleston and surrounding communities are a place where young professionals and families are flocking. To learn why, and to learn a bit more about Charleston SC real estate, we encourage you to keep reading.

According to a March 2018 article from The Post and Courier newspaper, U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that the state’s meteoric rise in new residents has finally leveled off. Still, 38 new people each day is a rather strong accomplishment. What’s the reason for this influx dubbed “domestic migration” by the Census Bureau? As residents told the newspaper, lower property taxes compared to their native states, “taking a lunch break and being able to go the beach,” as well as “availability of developable land” were all factors for moving into South Carolina. In short, those looking for an affordable way of life that offers sights and sounds no average East Coast city can boast should start looking into Charleston SC real estate. For those ready to find their future home, below is what a company like Carolina One Real Estate can offer you.

For starters, getting your foot in Charleston’s door can be done via renting or purchasing a home. For less than $1,000 a month, those wondering if Charleston is the place for them can find out by signing a lease and getting in touch with the local flavor. For others who are ready to purchase a home, local companies like Carolina One are standing by to help you find the place that’s the perfect fit. This is where variety really comes into play, as prospective homeowners can set their maximum expenditures on Charleston SC real estate and let local realtors put their vast knowledge of the current market to use.

At the end of the day, as the sun sets over the beach in South Carolina, the decision to move to the “Palmetto State” is one that tens of thousands of newcomer residents have been glad they made. If you’re looking to join that group, then spend your spring looking over properties on the market in Charleston and beyond.

Houses For Rent In Charleston SC Always Offer Easy Access To Region’s Best Beaches

While everyone who visits coastal South Carolina has their personal reasons for doing so, access to the Atlantic Ocean is a popular one. That’s because Charleston, which is already well-known for its historical significance and unique architecture, boasts quick access to the beach. How quick? By car, you could get from downtown Charleston to the nearby beach communities in about 20 minutes. This is just one reason why so many people are searching for houses for rent in Charleston SC when the weather starts to get nice. Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to find the right rental for you and the family come summer. With that in mind, we’re exploring recent recommendations from Conde’ Nast Traveler magazine. Not only will these shoreline suggestions help those looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC, but readers will also learn about why they should be taking day trips out to the coast.


According to the magazine, “You’re never far from the water in this part of South Carolina—and the barrier islands beyond Charleston's city limits beckon for an afternoon jaunt.” This is why places like Isle of Palms and Folly Beach have become so popular for quick visits. The former is home to “seven miles of crystalline shoreline and tight seaside community” while the latter offers “nothing but ocean stretching out before it” on top of “small-town character.” Another location that the magazine suggests checking out is Sullivan’s Island, a barrier island along the coast that boasts a “public beach overlooked by the historic lighthouse.” While there are a half-dozen other beaches near Charleston that are easily accessed, the takeaway is this: You can’t go wrong when picking a site for an afternoon of rest and relaxation on the beach.


Many of those looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC will ask realty companies if a certain property is a good fit for them. The answers vary as much as the clients themselves, but the knowledge that the best local realty companies exhibit is always on display. Carolina One Real Estate, for example, can have upwards of 2,000 properties across four South Carolina counties on the market at a given time. That offers great variety, but someone looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC will have specific needs. With professional realtors standing by, those needs can be readily addressed so that the rental period is perfected by a property that’s always going to exceed every expectation.

Folly Beach Rentals Offer Close Proximity To Local Favorites For Shopping, Sight-Seeing

With spring in full swing once again and the promise of summer starting to resonate among those who love the beach, it’s time to get outdoors once again. It’s also easily argued that nowhere is this more satisfying than in scenic South Carolina, where natural beauty meets historical significance. However, it always helps to have a team of local experts on your side who can guide you to the best sites across South Carolina as well as find Folly Beach rentals that are going to make your stay that much more enjoyable.


If you’re looking for a coastal area of South Carolina that’s going to appeal to everyone in your group, the city of Folly Beach is hard to beat. That’s because this barrier island of about 2,700 residents runs for about six miles along the Atlantic Ocean. There’s a reason why it’s called “The Edge of America” and the prime location alone should be enough to entice those looking for Folly Beach rentals as a way to secure their summer stay. If not, we encourage you to learn more about some of the hottest destinations in the city of Folly Beach as well as nearby. With this guide as a map for your upcoming summer excursion, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time in South Carolina.


Making Waves: Since we’ve already established the proximity of Folly Beach rentals to the wide open ocean, it would make sense that travelers would want to get out in the water. According to, there is no shortage of companies offering kayaks, canoes and other watercraft that are going to propel your adventure. Once such company, Coastal Expeditions, is headquartered in nearby Charleston and reviews show that guided tours of Folly Creek are one such route you can take.

Shop like a Local: We’ve previously covered Folly Beach’s proximity to the historic Fort Sumter site and its significance as it pertains to the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War. We highly encourage a visit, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend some time relaxing through shopping. According to, the city offers surf shops, beach stores and places for souvenirs. However, local favorites such as Bert’s Market, which was previously voted best market in the Charleston region, awaits prior to your relaxing day on the beach.



Gone Fishing: Again, the ocean plays a pivotal role in things to do at Folly Beach. The historic Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier, at 24 feet wide and 1,045 feet long, is “perfect for fishing, strolling and bird and dolphin watching,” according to We couldn’t agree more and as such, suggest a trip here for those who’d like to venture into the ocean without ever having to get their feet wet.

Factor For Family Needs, Local Amenities When Seeking Out Isle Of Palms Vacation Rentals

With spring right around the corner, many minds may start wandering toward summer and the pleasurable escapes that the season offers. Sunsets over the ocean, boardwalks bustling with lively crowds, relaxing mornings on the deck and appreciating the general peace that beach excursions bring are just some of the reasons why right now is prime time to start researching Isle of Palms vacation rentals. This South Carolina city has for decades been a premier destination for those in search of rest and relaxation that is always boosted by ocean-front living.

Finding the right vacation rental to fit the needs of your family is an essential consideration when planning your break from work, school and other regular responsibilities. That’s why we’d like to offer the following tips for those ready to escape the daily grind and head down to the beach for a much-deserved outing.

According to Coastal Living magazine, appearances are important for tenants looking for the best Isle of Palms vacation rentals on the market. Not only will tenants likely require extra rooms and play space for children, but a well-manicured lawn is something that’s also often sought after when shopping around. To that end, the magazine notes that truly desirable beach rentals should offer a one-of-a-kind experience that your family will talk about for years to come. This also means you may find Isle of Palms vacation rentals that keep you coming back every season. goes on to suggest that those in search of seaside rentals may also want to investigate the local business climate to see if grocery stores, restaurants and other stores frequently visited at home are nearby; you never know when an emergency is going to crop up.

Founded in 1938 and home to approximately 4,000 residents, Isle of Palms is known for its vast real estate that fronts the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by salt marshes and home to the 1,600-acre Wild Dunes Beach and Racquet Club, the city offers plenty to do along its seven-mile-long footprint. Such Isle of Palms attractions that offer options for guests of all ages includes local restaurants, top-of-the-line public parks, a marina at the southern end of the strip and plenty of the aforementioned shopping options when you need to pick up a few things for your Isle of Palms vacation rentals.

The only thing standing between you and a summer excursion you’ll never forget is locating the rental property that’s a perfect fit for your family. This is where premier companies like Carolina One Real Estate come into play. By entrusting a real estate operation with decades of combined experience and ties to the local community, you’ll be sure to be paired up with a home on the Isle of Palms that puts you as close to the sandy beaches as you want to be but a mere 20-minute drive outside of bustling historic Charleston -- it’s truly the best of both worlds.

Real Estate Companies Report Increasing Demand For Desirable Houses In South Carolina

For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on South Carolina’s surging population and real estate market, now may be the time to listen up if relocating to the “Palmetto State” is on the horizon. According to a Feb. 13, 2018 article from the Charleston Regional Business Journal, real estate agents have been quite busy lately showing off the best houses in South Carolina that the state has to offer. While the median sales prices have fluctuated over recent years, one clear trend laid out in the article is that houses in South Carolina that are for sale are spending less time on the market before being snatched up. According to data from the 2017 Charleston Trident Association of Realtors, the average time a home spent on the market has decreased from 86 days in 2013 to a mere 55 in 2017.

“2017 was the best year I’ve had, and I’ve already got two closings (this year),” a Carolina One Real Estate agent told the Charleston Regional Business Journal for its recent piece on real estate inventory across South Carolina. “I’m basically showing property around the clock … So my biggest problem is finding the inventory.”

It’s safe to say then that if marketing houses in South Carolina are your bread and butter, then business is good. However, the motivation for many of these realtors is link prospective homeowners with a property that truly fits their needs. The first consideration here is the type of living these clients want. If a city feel comes first and foremost, then downtown Charleston is an attractive option. Media reports indicate that the city is currently welcoming 34 new residents daily and the many young families who’ve flocked here are similarly responsible for an ever-growing tech start-up sector. If this sounds too hectic for you, then there are plenty of houses in South Carolina to be had that are closer to the Atlantic Ocean. In towns like Isle of Palms, Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island, the true allure of laid-back living can be found.

For those researching houses in South Carolina, any agent would suggest working with a company that can boast decades of experience and grassroots knowledge of the communities it serves. With Carolina One Real Estate, that’s exactly the case. When narrowing down the field to find the setting and neighborhood that’s right for you, everything from square footage and number of bathrooms to the type of land that the property sits on and local school district options can be factored for. The net result of working with such experienced companies is finally finding that property to exceed expectations. 

Record-Setting Sale Of Isle Of Palms Property Means It’s Time To Join This Desirable City

isle of palms rentalsIn keeping with the time-honored tradition of being a draw for wealthy residents looking for the best South Carolina has to offer, the recent record-breaking sale of a Mediterranean-style home inspired by “European seaside villas of the Renaissance era” is a show of strength for the Isle of Palms. According to a Dec. 6, 2017 article from The Post and Courier newspaper, the $6.4 million sale of the new home that was built in 2015 is in  keeping with a “notable upswing in demand for high-caliber beachfront homes,” a listing professional told the newspaper.


The good news that stems from this sale is two-fold. For starters, Isle of Palms rentals that are currently on the market can be had for far less than the record-setting price that’s noted above. The second perk of becoming a part of the Isle of Palms community is that it’s clearly a good time to get acquainted, as the report notes that “Charleston’s barrier island market is well positioned for continued growth."


For the uninitiated, Isle of Palms is a city of about 4,300 residents, located along the Atlantic Ocean and a mere 17 miles from downtown Charleston. Within its 5.4 square miles, full-time residents, seasonal visitors and those booking Isle of Palms rentals will find much to enjoy. These attractions include the Isle of Palms County Park and the beachfront real estate it boasts, the appropriately-named Goat Island, the world-class 1,600-acre Wild Dunes resort and golf course established in 1972 and no shortage of seafood joints – which should come as no surprise given the location.



From top to bottom, Isle of Palms is a seven-mile stretch of serene seaside views boosted by attractions that will entertain visitors of all ages. However, the prerequisite to finding Isle of Palm rentals that fit your family’s  bill is through partnering with a local real estate services company that can boast decades worth of industry experience plus local know-how. Carolina One Real Estate Services, which is one local resource with realtors whose knowledge of the Charleston area is unrivaled, can be consulted for the latest information on Isle of Palms rentals. Not only can you glean the latest information on real estate developments and vacation homes in this desirable location, but you’ll have a Carolina One Real Estate Services associate on your side who can find you the exact property and neighborhood to fit your needs.

Escape Bitter Cold Across Northeast By Exploring Folly Beach Rentals In South Carolina

If you’ve ever needed a good reason to invest in a beach house, consider the climate across wide swaths of the U.S. during the last days of 2017. With lows in the teens for a seven-day stretch and snow expected in New York City, it was going to be bitter cold for quite some time even in a region where extreme lows are rare. Even farther south in Maryland, stretches of snow and bitter cold were expected from Dec. 27 well into the first days of 2018. According to a CNN report published during the last week of the year, the brutal and bitter cold was expected to affect 48 million Americans living in regions that were part of a wind chill advisory. The report notes that Boston could record a low of just 5 degrees on New Year’s Day and Erie, Pennsylvania logged nearly 63 inches of snow just after Christmas.


It all adds up to a rather miserable time along most of the Eastern Seaboard – unless of course you’re in South  Carolina. Here on the “Edge of America,” as Folly Beach is known, temperatures were expected to be much higher than those across New England, New York, New Jersey and other states in the region. In fact, forecasts called for a high just shy of 60 degrees on New Year’s Eve. If escaping the cold has even been on your radar, now is the time to check out Folly Beach rentals for the coming summer months and next winter. As local real estate experts will tell you, the fact that Folly Beach is so family-friendly is another reason why many vacationers end up becoming permanent and long-time residents.



There’s no shortage of things to do – nor weather to enjoy – in and around Folly Beach. For starters, this city of about 2,600 residents is located directly along the Atlantic Ocean. That location allows for the 1,000-foot-long Folly Beach Pier -- the second-longest on the East Coast -- to prosper. This ocean-side city is also home to the Morris Island Lighthouse, built in 1767; Wave Watch Playground; surfing stores and spots as well as other water sporting options. Better yet, a drive to downtown Charleston is a mere 12 miles and 20 minutes so adventuring out from Folly Beach rentals to South Carolina’s second-largest city is easy to do. It’s easy to see why so many folks are looking to spend more time in The Palmetto State after exploring Folly Beach and all it has to offer; the fact that low  temperatures in the teens and single-digits aren’t in the winter forecast just sweetens the deal.

Charleston-Based PR Firm Picked To Showcase All That South Carolina Has To Offer

charleston sc homes for saleUnder the banner of “Always Something New to Discover,” an already successful Charleston-based tourism firm will helm advertising efforts for the entire state. This should come as welcome news to those keeping tabs on real estate progress in the state’s largest city, as Touchpoint Communications will have plenty of inherit knowledge about what sells in Charleston and beyond. According to a Nov. 29, 2017 article from The Post and Courier newspaper, Touchpoint will now be in charge of public relations for South Carolina. This is also an encouraging move, given the fact that Touchpoint already spearheaded a publicity stunt that shattered a Guinness World Record. (It was for a 2,500 gallon iced tea, by the way.) Among expectations that Touchpoint will need to meet in South Carolina -- a state where there’s been a 6.4 percent population increase over the past six years -- will be to “generate even more media exposure for South Carolina, with an emphasis on undiscovered destinations,” the firm’s director told the newspaper.

For those researching Charleston SC homes for sale, we’re happy to report that there is a good amount of real estate-based news coming out of the hometown of Touchpoint Communications. One such recent headlines notes that the city’s first skyscraper will be hitting the market and a historic mansion could be the most expensive property ever sold within city limits. The asking price for the former  is $16.5 million while the latter could sell for $19.5 million. If these sales do indeed go through for the marketed price, we’re certain that they will be feathers in the cap that Touchpoint can tout to prospective residents wondering what the quality of life in Charleston is like.

For those looking for something a bit more affordable, there are plenty of Charleston SC homes for  sale that won’t break the bank. All it takes is finding a local real estate company that has decades of experience working in the local community. For example, Carolina One Real Estate boasts more than 50 years of realty experience and can help those seeking to buy or sell a home make the right decisions along the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to South Carolina for the fabulous weather and easy ocean access, for the burgeoning business sector or as a young professional looking to settle down in a relaxed atmosphere, it simply makes sense to seek out a real estate company that can link you up with the landscape that’s the right fit.

Plans To Renovate Isle Of Palms Boardwalk Shows City’s Dedication To Tourism Sector

Isle of Palms SC vacation rentalsAs a vital part of Isle of Palms real estate, not to mention tourism economy, plans to renovate the city’s landmark boardwalk are currently being floated. According to local news reports, the $500,000 needed to upgrade the two-decade-old destination would come from tourism funds – which are already in the city’s coffers. Given the number of people searching for vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC, it should come as no surprise that the city has the funding available to improve the already desirable boardwalk. In fact, thousands of people vacation in Isle of Palms annually due to its proximity to Charleston but easy access to Atlantic Ocean beaches and the relaxed atmosphere, as well.

According to the Nov. 28, 2017 CBS article, discussion at a recent city council meeting debated when the issue could come up for a vote. While it’s possible that the subject could be tabled until early next year, city leaders and the new mayor-elect voiced the desire to have the projected completed in the near future. This should come as welcome news to anyone researching vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC. It shows that the new administration is dedicated to improving existing amenities and adding to the already strong list of attractions. Those desirable places to visit include the county park, which was developed in 1996, beautiful beaches and piers with scenic views as well as the 1,600-acre Wild Dunes golf course – which has been voted one of the best courses in the state by Golf Digest magazine. However, downtown Charleston and the countless attractions it offers to visitors of all ages is less than 20 miles away so those seeking vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC can make a day trip whenever they want.

The essential step that precedes finding a vacation home is linking up with a real estate company that has an unrivaled knowledge of the region. In instances such as this, companies like Carolina One Real Estate can boast decades of combined real estate experience. That means those looking for vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC can work with a realtor who can find them the housing they need in a convenient part of the city. At seven miles long and one mile across, vacation homes can be at a premium in Isle of Palms. That being said, trusting the resources of a real estate company with strong ties to the South Carolina community is a sure-fire way to secure the lodging you need when beautiful summer weather returns.