Kitchen Dilemma, Is Granite Going Out Of Style?

By Reggie | Realtor In Charleston

Mar 02

For 30 years Granite has reigned on kitchen counter tops. Always special to select your “one of a kind” slab but the top contender today is Engineered quartz which is tougher than granite and is non porous so it does not have to be sealed like natural stone. Quartz is highly resistant to staining, cracking, scratching and heat which puts it on homeowners opting for more understated alternatives.

Custom crafted wood butcher block adds warmth and balance to a modern style kitchen. But wood does require maintenance and monthly sealing however, it is much easier to refinish if their is damage. Soapstone is another nonporous natural quarried stone that does not require regular sealing like granite but it will show lots of visible seams , scratches and susceptable to discoloration over time. Concrete slab countertops are one of my favorites. Once sealed it is heat resistant , strong and very attractive. I saw a lot of concrete with fun colorful designs in Caribbean homes I sold in St John, USVI.

Then there are stainless steel countertops most popular in restaurants are now be adopted in modern home styles. They dont harbor bactieria, heat, rust and stain resistant but scratch easily. Brushed steel can be a good alternative if you have lots of family activity in the kitchen . Stainless steel with wood countertops, wood floor create a uber-functional kitchen.

Your choice comes down to your style and maintenance . There are many options and many pros that I can provide information to help you in remodeling.

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