Selling A Small Home? Try These 3 Tips

By Reggie | Realtor In Charleston

Apr 28

Some call it a smaller-than-average property but I don’t agree. What matters are the features it has to offer the buyer. Selling a home can be exhaustive and difficult if not planned very well. Selling a small home can be more difficult than selling a big one. If you are selling a small home there are some tips you could apply specifically designed for smaller spaces. You have to find out the advantages the house has over others so it stands out in your marketing.

Home staging tricks
Home staging could be described as the act of making a residence look more appealing to potential buyers so it can sell quicker and for more money. Putting away items you don’t use regularly in the house in a more concealed location, rearranging the furniture or using fewer pieces of appropriately sized furniture altogether, removing unused small appliances from the kitchen counter, putting unused books in a box or giving them away are some of the things you could do to free up spaces to make the home look bigger. Take a long and calculated walk through your home, look for the things you don’t need, tuck them or hide them from public view.

Next, you have to check the colors of the interior of your house. From experience, dark colors to known to make a space look smaller than it really is. Even though the buyer may eventually repaint the house when he moves in but the impact the previous color may have on his mind may prevent them from buying the house much less moving in to repaint it. Bright colors should also be avoided as they don’t appeal to everyone. The general rule is to use neutral colors that are a little dark for maximum effect. Remember the overall color scheme must be perfect.

Identification of the target market
Not all buyers prefer big homes to smaller ones. There are some set of potentials buyers who are looking for smaller spaces to fit just their budget and lifestyle. These set of buyers are retirees from different professions who need small homes they can maintain without draining their pocket, couples without kids, newly wedded couples who does not want to have kids, for now, single professionals, single parents, divorcees etc. To sell a smaller home, you just have to identify your target market, the type of people that may want the house and go for them so you start off smoothly.

Selling points
Apart from the fact that people generally covet bigger homes, having a smaller one near amenities can give it a big advantage and make it sell faster. Nearness to urban centers, recreational centers, and cheap public transportation can also boost its chances of selling. So don’t fail to highlight these points to potential buyers.

Have it at the back of your mind that selling a smaller home takes a lot of effort on the part of the seller. It is not easy to make a house look big when it is actually small. The effort, however, is well worth it. Do what you have to do to make it look big, apply these tips and you will have an advantage over your competitors who want to sell bigger homes.

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