The 4 Bathroom Fads That Turn Buyers Off

By Reggie | Realtor In Charleston

Apr 29

In real estate, anything can be a deal breaker or maker. For some, it is the kitchen, while others it is the bathroom. Here, we will be looking how some bathroom trends can break an otherwise good deal. These fads are what may put some buyers off.

All white bathrooms
Gone are the days when all white bathrooms were in vogue. These days having an allBathroom designs white bathroom is no longer appealing, not because the white color is no longer good but because they are tough to keep and remain clean and white. Tiles and flooring made of white get stained too easily and a little mark on it can prove stubborn to remove. As far as I am concerned this trend is reaching its end. It no longer catches people’s fancy. These days varied color designs or multi-color designs are preferred. Either you overhaul and build a multi-color design from scratch or you paint one wall to counterbalance the white color or add colored towels and bath mat.

Too many funky or dull colors
Having too many dull colors in a bathroom is a no-no these days; neither do you want to be too bright with your bathroom colors. Colors like these make your bathrooms look old and shabby, even if it was just constructed yesterday. You may want to ask, which colors should you go with? Go for a muted palette of three colors in distribution ratio 70/20/10. Use a neutral color for the 70 percent part of the walls tile and floor, contrasting color for 20 percent and a shade color for 10 percent of the part.

Big bathtub
Bathtubs are used less often than showers. Having one bathtub in the home is just enough than having one in each bathroom of the house. Design magazines are in the habit of celebrating this big standalone in the middle of a big bathroom but, in reality, buyers want it the other way around. These days some even see it as an oversized feature which has a low resale value.

Subway tile and nickel finishes
Finishes such as chrome, nickel and subway tile are fading fast by the day. Large format tiles, mini mosaic tiles, and geometric tiles are the rave of the moment according to experts in the industry. Silhouette is still clean, black finishes and brushed gold are gaining popularity as they represent and add a layer of sophistication and modernity to designs.

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