Why Hire a Realtor

By Reggie | Realtor In Charleston

Jan 20

Ever drive by and see an owner post a sign in their yard “For Sale By Owner”?

The big question is, will the Seller be ready for all the steps it takes to get the house ready for sale and have a real market value to match the asking price? Maybe it”s too high or maybe it’s too low?

Hiring a Realtor is key and here is why. A Realtor abides by a Code of Ethics and is the promise as a Professional to perform and act with integrity. The Code protects the buying and selling public and promotes a competitive real estate market. As a Seller, wouldn’t you want a real Pro performing for you?

Hiring an advocate that starts with a market analysis provides the seller a clear picture of what buyers are willing to pay for their property based on current statistics of closed, pending and active properties for sale in their area. A professional Realtor becomes a facilitator in the entire closing process from the day of listing and preparing the home to sell, to submitting every offer, to guiding and insuring all contract dates, events are met. Selling and buying property is emotional and can be overwhelming. Hiring a professional protects and promotes the clients interest including confidentiality, loyalty, accountability, disclosure and care. A Realtor takes an oath to treat all parties in the real estate transaction with honesty which sets the tone for a seamless close.

Realtors are in the profession of real estate and do this work daily and have the ability to expose your property on the MLS to bring buyers from all over, maximizing the opportunity to get you the highest best price for your property.

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